Inking pages is a monthly magazine published for the Teenagers by The Climber

The very first issue of the magazine started our culture of including a strong debate in every issue. The issue’s highlight was the debate on Euthanasia. The issue also gave a different perspective to the readers about Noble gases (calling them egotists) and also on Pi, by associating that number with all the irrationality around us. It also had two beautiful poems and articles that made everyone reminiscence on Indian cricket’s holy trinity.
The October issue saw two new additions to our magazine- a minimalistic poster and Imagination station. This issue’s debate topic was superstitions. It sparked wide debate amongst our readers as they pondered over both sides of the topic. A beautiful poem on magic, captured imaginations; while the piece on Indian cuisine was mouth-watering. For the history buffs, the article on the Battle of Plassey was the favourite, as it was told from the eyes of a young girl, sitting under a Palashi tree.
This was our first concept issue. It saw us include 4 A2 posters, with designs on one side and articles on the other. The first of the four posters was about science. The design on the poster was the constellation, which urged the readers to look up at the night sky. The second poster was on lifestyle and travel. It had a fun article on the spooky places in the country to visit. The third poster was on poetry. It included poetry and an illustration that captured the words of the poets.
The December issue revolved around Christmas. The writers revisited their childhood memories and shared the best movies and songs they would connect to Christmas. The debate was one that we’ve all had – books or their movie counterparts. The travel section of the magazine was about Sikkim, a state that’s known for it’s scenic beauty. The science section covered the new science of 3D printing and a writer’s fun experiences in his school’s chemistry lab.
The January issue saw a major shift from the previous ones. The issue was filled with info-graphics and flash-fiction to make the reading experience more fun. The debate on moral policing was a serious issue that was taken up through the magazine. The Partition is a story on the India-Pakistan split, will surely tug at your heartstrings, as it’s narrated by a young mother to her children. The New Year also got noticed, as wacky ways of celebrating the 1st of January were included in the magazine. This issue was the first to include content from Positively Cynical as well.
This issue saw a brown cover being used. It made the magazine stand out all the more and got a wonderful response from the students. This issue’s ‘Geek section’ was about neuroscience, or thinking about how the brain thinks. The ‘Travel’ section was not about one place, but about one of our own member’s train journey across the country. The Jagriti Yatra experience has been depicted wonderfully. This issue also includes an interview with a magician, Kabir Taneja.
The March issue was done entirely by interns of the first creative writing workshop under My Captain. The magazine revolved around the theme of black and white and had 4 posters, all reflecting the theme. The first poster was on mime and street art and had a wonderful illustration on the other side. The second poster was about literature and included a new concept of Wall of quotes, where the writer made a whole story, just using her favorite quotes. The highlight of the issue was the poster on Women’s day, which sent out a strong message to the readers.

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