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My Captain is a youth-mentoring-youth initiative, where graduate students with outstanding achievements in the fields of their passions, mentor and guide young students who share similar aspirations. The students choose their passions and interests, find Captains and connect with them. The students (and even their parents) will be able to interact with Captains and learn more about the field and how to get ahead in it. Captains will also conduct virtual workshops, where they share their knowledge and  experience and give the students a foundation to build a future for themselves.


Inking Pages is a community and a platform for all creatives to push boundaries and set new trends. We publish a monthly magazine – created entirely by the community of writers, illustrators and designers and is centred around our young readers, encouraging them to be more curious, cognisant and creative. Each issue of the magazine has a distinct concept or thought behind it, making each issue different from the last and also from other magazines out there.


It’s Time, India is a series of interactive sessions that are conducted in schools with the aim of inspiring students to discover their own voices and understand that each of them is unique. We have engaged over 6500 students from 17 schools across 3 different cities under the It’s Time, India events The sessions include interactive talks, debates, youth-parliaments, quizzes and many more activities that are aimed at inspiring students to stand up, get over their fears and Make The Climb.


Through the climber,we are reaching out to a part ,if not the whole faction of those who are visually impaired.The youth has potential irrespective of the challenges they face,physical or otherwise.Why should that stop them from doing the unimaginable.Why should that stop them from transcending boundaries?Project Assem is an initiative taken with this in regard, to be limitless,to travel beyond.Under this project we record the article from the magazine in an Audio Format and distribute it to schools and institute for the visually impaired.

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